Why we get fat?


The main causes of excess fat deposits in the body. What has a greater influence on the development of obesity – human genetics, diet or lifestyle?

1: Sedentary lifestyle

It is important to understand that a sedentary lifestyle and lack of exercise – it’s the same thing. Even if you exercise two or three times a week, but sitting on his way to work, and then in the office, and then on the way home, you can still move very little.

Physical activity does not need the body to “burn calories” and health in the broadest sense of the word. Strength training increases your endurance, jogging normalize blood sugar levels and frequent walks – improve posture.

2: Food Habits

Often, eating habits formed in the family, have a greater impact on the figure, than genetics. If you are used to start the day with a breakfast of sweet pastries, and round off the evening a dense three-course dinner with dessert – you’ll get fat.

No need to say “we have the family all full” and to write off the banal ignorance of the rules of a healthy diet to genetics. Keep in mind that the quantity and quality of food consumed is more important for the formation of taut figure than exercise.

3: Sugar

Trying to choose the most harmful to the figure and health food product, you can almost certainly be called sugar. There are studies showing that he is the cause of epidemics of obesity and diabetes of the second type.

And, apparently, sugar substitutes are able to exert even greater harm to the body – from the chemical xylitol and sorbitol, and ending with the “natural” fructose and stevia. It is best to completely abandon the artificially sweetened products.

4: Fear of fat

If you believe that the consumption of dietary fat leads to a set of subcutaneous fat – you need to reconsider their views. People who choose vysokozhirovuyu and low-carbohydrate diet will lose weight, while those who refuse to choose fat and carbohydrate – fat.

In addition, the need to know which fats and how many are poor, and what – good. For example, margarine, and of its trans fats order harmful conventional butter, and the consumption of olive oil does not lead to a set of fat.

5: Belief in myths

Agree that eating a cake in the morning and at the same time convincing themselves that the “morning calorie burn faster and are deposited in fat,” you are to some extent self-delusion. The same applies to the rules “do not eat after six” and a separate food.

You have to understand that it does not matter what part of the sequence and the food you eat, but how much and what you eat. Theoretically, one meal per day just before bedtime can be more useful than a fractional power – it all depends on what you ate.

6: Belief in magic additive

Continuing belief in the food myths is the belief that you can eat at random, not engage in any physical activity, but to take a magic pill that will change everything and make your body slim and sporty at the same time.

There is a whole industry that produces hundreds of different supplements “slimming”, united by one fact – they either do not work or are working but have dire consequences for health. Do not try to fool yourself and do not believe in magic.

7: Belief in the diet

One of the biggest mistakes dieters – an attempt to achieve rapid results using willpower to then return to the normal rhythm of life. For the loss of the hated kilograms people are willing to starve themselves and exhausting run, but not willing to just eat normally.

Interestingly, the Greek word originally meant diaita order or way of life, rather than a list of authorized products and recommendations on protein and carbohydrates. If you want to lose weight and stay slim, you need not a diet, you need a lifestyle change.

Weight loss pills


Myths fitness: all about why effective means for weight loss are dangerous to health, and the majority of diet pills – meaningless dummies.

Amphetamines slimming

Mankind has been searching for means to weight loss for thousands of years – in the second century Roman physician Soranus of Ephesus prescribed to their patients laxatives and diuretics herbs as part of complex therapy of weight loss.

In 1930 the company introduced GlaxoSmithKline to market the drug under the brand name Benzedrine, really effective in helping fight obesity. Today, active ingredients are drugs known as amphetamines, and it itself is prohibited.


Benzedrine reduces appetite, increases concentration and performance – in total it was expressed in speeding up the metabolism and increasing the calories you burn, even at a normal life. As a result, people lost weight almost to the eyes, while remaining fun.

It only took a few years to the drug entered the club life. The drug MDMA, known as “Ecstasy” is a direct derivative of the very diet pills. A total ban on amphetamines has been imposed by most countries in the 1970s (1).

“The best diet pills”

In a typical composition of diet pills from 1950 included amphetamines, caffeine and other stimulating elements, thyroid hormones (responsible for the increase in body temperature), diuretics, and often enough barbiturates to reduce side effects.

The reason for the ban was a similar composition as the formation of physical and psychological dependence, and the number of deaths caused by taking these pills. Among the main causes of death – overheating of the body, heart attack and brain hemorrhage.

Ephedrine and OxyElite Pro

Given the huge demand for drugs for weight loss, medical companies each decade are a new feature that allows you to bypass the ban on amphetamines, but close to them in action. After a few years of this component is usually also prohibited.

This has happened with ephedrine, banned in 2004, and the main component of fat burner OxyElite Pro – DMAA (1,3-dimethylamylamine, methylhexanamine or “geranium extract”), banned in 2013. The reason – the death of a heart attack, and disorders of the liver (2).

Drugs for weight loss new generation

Not containing amphetamines for weight loss prescription drug Redux (Dexfenfluramine) became widespread in the 1990s. However, a few years later it was found out that the person receiving it, 30% raise their chance of dying from a heart attack (3).

Anorectic drug Acomplia (Rimonabant) is the most recent example. A number of countries (USA, Canada, India) initially did not approve it for sale as potentially dangerous, but in the EU for some time he was sold. Now a drug banned (4).

Fat blockers

The only solution today, the class of drugs for weight loss, showing effectiveness are fat blockers and drug orlistat (Orlistat, Xenical, tetrahydrolipstatin). However, the drug leaves a lot of questions doctors.

It must be remembered that the edible fat itself does not lead to obesity. To increase body weight particularly necessary to exceed the RDA caloric intake. In addition, the drug will prevent the absorption of essential vitamins groups D, E, K and A.

Caffeine and other elements

Numerous scientific work shows no fat burning effect of caffeine (5). Effect of chitosan, green tea, hydroxycitric and conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) to reduce body weight is either absent or is a huge issue.

Currently, there are more than 50 different dietary supplements and 200 proprietary blends for weight loss. In 90% of these drugs either do not work or work only slightly. In 10% of cases they are dangerous drugs. Regardless of cost.

Can I eat at night?

Why the recommendation not to eat after six in the evening – probably just a myth? Harmful if in fact the evening carbohydrates, and how many hours of sleep before it is safe to eat?

How-do-i-stop-eating-so-much-at-nightCan I eat after six?

The question “Is it possible to eat at night, and not get fat at the same time? ‘Equivalent to the question” Is it possible to pour a glass of water in a jar, so that when this water is poured out? “- Of course, the answer depends on the initial conditions and the specific numbers and volumes.

Suppose you pour 300 ml into an empty quart – everything will be fine, and the water does not spill. But if the water in the pot to the brim, even 50 ml will be superfluous. Maybe it’s not obvious, but with the energy and calories still.

Screen shot 2011-03-14 at 4.59.08 PMHow many times a day you need to eat?

If the food you consume more energy than it spends, and what the body needs, you will get fat – there is simply no other options. Neither the reception calories or sequence, or even the products are not as important as the total amount of calories.

Moreover, even the frequency of meals and portion sizes are not as important as many think. In fact, there are no serious studies showing the exact number of meals per day, or the time interval between the doses.

Young woman looking in refrigerator, night, side view
Young woman looking in refrigerator, night, side view

Do I have to eat every three hours?

Most of the studies compared the 10-12 meals a 1-2 reception, absolutely not considering the calorie servings (2). Of course, under these conditions, more frequent reception better – you’ll just eat less. However, such studies are difficult to treat, as the final truth.

In most cases, three to four meals a day is more than enough (again, if you follow the daily rate of caloric). Even those who want to gain muscle, did not need to eat every 3 hours – it is important to only collect the right amount of protein and calories.

Foods with negative calorie

Women’s sites and forums are full of a variety of articles and advice about the magic of negative calorie foods – but even the very idea of ​​such products is fundamentally contrary to the laws of physics. The product can not absorb energy by itself.

But to say that the body, they say, burns more calories digesting the product than this product is available. But no one will ever be able to measure how many calories are spent on digestion medium orange average person.

Can I eat carbs in the evening?

Research The Hebrew University of Jerusalem in 2011, were carried out on 78 participants and lasted 6 months, showed that there is no connection between the consumption of carbohydrates at night and weight gain (1). It should also be the level of hormones and other parameters.

Undoubtedly, the statement is true only if they meet the caloric daily allowance. As mentioned, the body is almost no matter where the energy comes – the most important as it. Despite the difference in glycemic index, 100 g of carbohydrate – is 100 g carbohydrates.

Dietary breakfast and dinner

Of course, nutritionists actually advise how you can consume more calories at breakfast – but that does not mean calorie cake morning is not metabolized, and evening – processed into fat. These are the same calories, and all the common rules will be for them to work.

The truth is that after a hearty breakfast, you’ll be less hungry throughout the day, and it will be easier to control the portions of food for lunch and dinner. If you are hungry the whole day, for dinner you just devour food and eat much more than you need.

Can I eat at night?

Of course, overeat at night is worth at least two reasons: first, with a full stomach is more difficult to sleep because the body stops digestion during sleep; secondly, high levels of insulin negatively affects growth hormone.

Given that the maximum level of growth hormone is necessary for the first few hours of sleep, any carbohydrates or proteins before bed, increasing the level of insulin, significantly reduce production of the hormone for the muscles. Perhaps this is true even for casein.

Evening carbohydrates are no different from other carbohydrates, and it is possible and after six in the evening – most importantly, to comply with the daily rate of caloric intake. But apart from that, for various reasons still recommend dining for two to three hours before bedtime.

How to remove a stomach?

How to remove the stomach?


Seven main points of the strategy of weight loss – how to work exercise for weight loss and how to choose the best diet for fast fat burning.

1: Love the long run

Catching running, cycling or any other cardio, remember that the fat burning workout duration is more important than its intensity – forty minutes of slow jogging will burn more calories than ten minutes fast.

If your somatotype – endomorph and you’re likely to be overweight, then you have to love jogging 2-3 times a week, including periodic training on an empty stomach. Just so you do not give the body to minimize the process of fat burning.

2: Or grow thin, or dial muscle

Set a only one purpose – either to lose weight or build muscle. Genetics does not allow most people to combine the two processes. Trying to “melt fat into muscle,” you will not get any relief or muscle.

Since training for muscle growth requires a mechanism of the body, and the training for fat loss – another, it is not recommended to combine this training. Or divide the days to the “cardio” and “power” or engaged in the morning and evening.

3: Choose the right exercises

It is important to remember that no specific exercises for weight loss does not exist. The exercises are divided into basic, involving the work of several major muscle groups and isolation, involving the work of just one particular muscle.

Squats, bench press and other basic exercises are forced to work the whole body and kicks to the side – a gluteal muscle. To lose weight, you need exercise, spending a lot of calories by incorporating the work of several muscles.

4: Forget the rule of “15 repetitions for relief”

The notion that 12-15 repetitions exercises work on the relief distorted – if it is generally true for Tightened athletes (from such training their muscles become more “dry”), for people who are overweight, it is meaningless.

Strength training can actually cause the body to use fat for energy, but only in the process of recovery, not during the actual workout. If you want to burn fat, the first thing you need to train actively.

5: Try to eat less

Fat is the body’s means of insurance, and spend this fat body begins only when it consumes more energy than it consumes food. No need to try to find a “miracle diet” or a power supply circuit – you just need to eat less.

However, this does not mean that you have to significantly reduce the calories, trying to get rid of fat faster – remember that if caloric intake below 20% of normal, the body includes protection mechanisms, and ceases to burn fat.

6: Do not rely on fat burners

If you fail to comply with the diet, no sports supplements will not help you lose weight – or fat burners, or L-carnitine or thermogenics or blockers calories. These additives can only enhance the overall effect of proper diet and regular cardio.

In addition, fat burners tend to increase blood pressure, and can be dangerous for people suffering from hypertension. Remember that the normalization of power and the rejection of “empty calories” is much more effective than searching for a magic pill for weight loss.

7: Choose your weight loss strategy

The final strategy is training and nutrition for weight loss will depend primarily on how much fat you want to lose. Obviously, getting rid of the bulging belly and the fight for lower blocks require totally different approaches and efforts.

In addition, if you just want to “clean side” – do not expect that for this there is a special approach. Because the body normally gets rid of fat in the abdomen and waist least, you have to lose weight in general.

The body of the summer: 2 weeks

The second week of the marathon: as the need to eat for a set of muscle mass, you need to do a special supplement, and how to make the figure of Brad Pitt.

How to make a body like Brad Pittunoutphsfhxzsazcesrp

V-shaped figure with broad shoulders and a narrow waist – is primarily a low percentage of body fat. Think Brad Pitt program to prepare for the “Fight Club” – the actor soon dried and not gaining muscle mass.

Thin on the nature ectomorphs much easier to create a sports figure – enough training to focus on expanding and exploring the back muscles shoulders, chest and arms, as well as to eat to gain lean muscle, not fat.

Determination of the composition of the diet

In a series of materials about the fight against fat, we mentioned that cardio is only effective for getting rid of visceral fat. If you need relief of the abdominal muscles, then you should start with a balanced diet, and not with endless twists.

Unfortunately, most understand the word “diet” sharp restriction in food, rather than a reasonable consumption of nutrients. People are literally exhausting himself to death than make it worse – they spoil the metabolism and gaining fat faster.

Do I need to count calories?

In the first week of the marathon, we mentioned that it is necessary to calculate the composition of the food in at least one of the days – but the reader survey showed that more than half are not going to follow the recommendations, believing that this is another senseless advice.

But the secret is that you need to count calories, not only those who lose weight, but also those who are practicing on a set of muscles – if you do not consume enough calories, the muscles simply will not grow. It’s the number one rule that can not be circumvented.

Additives set of muscles

No matter how you practiced, what would you have used any exercise – muscle growth is not possible without adequate nutrition. Of course, additives before and after exercise is important, but if you do not eat for the rest of the time they will be meaningless.

This also applies to protein shakes – during the day, they need only to those who are not gaining a sufficient amount of protein from regular food. Only assess their intake of carbohydrates and proteins, you will understand if you wish to isolate or gainer.

The training program: 2 weeks

The program runs the second week with an average weight and a relatively high number of repetitions – we mentioned in the introductory material that the purpose of training the first month will be to develop the proper technique rather than work with maximum weights.

Training the leg muscles, we have deliberately excluded because the program’s emphasis placed on creating a V-shaped figure with broad shoulders. But if the legs – your weak point, add to the training environment ups and downs on your toes while standing.

Workout A (Monday and Friday):

Pullups conventional grip – 4 x max
Link rod to the belt – 4 x 10-12
Pullover – 2 x 10-12
Deadlift – 2 x 10-12
Link top blockers 4 x 10-12
Training in (Wednesday):

Narrow grip pull ups + (superset) – 4 x max
Breeding of dumbbells in the slope – 3 x 12-15
Bench press close grip – 4 x 10-12
Bench barbell stand – 4 x 12-15
Raising the bar for biceps – 4 x 12-15
Tip of the week: do not look for easy ways

If you do not like (or you can not) for some exercise – in any case do not replace the more simple. The desire to go the easy way in the training will lead to the body what it wants – a minimum of movements and a high level of fat.

Most likely, you are training for years, and not very happy with the result. But in order for the result to appear, you will have to break yourself and do what you do not like very much. In this case – you have to follow the composition of the diet.

The body of the summer: 1 week

The first week of the marathon preparation to the beach: the foundation training program with a focus on the expansion of the back, the first experience of counting calories and composition of food.


The first week of training

The task of the first week of our marathon – to enter the training mode, and repeat once again the most important exercise to work out the technique for extending the back and shoulders, as well as starting a home workout for the inner muscles of the abdomen.

One day a week is required counting calories and composition of food for the understanding of their diet. No matter what is the purpose – or the study of a set of muscle relief – we will adjust the diet starting from the results obtained.

The training program

This week, you need three strength training, the duration of each – no more than 45-50 minutes (not including warm-up and cool down). Operating weight – average, basic exercises performed before the 2 warm-up sets with a small weight.

You will need a notebook to record the results and the balance used. Do not go on about the existing programs, and copy training plan by hand. Develop the habit of leaving the phone in the locker room, not chat with your friends all the training.

Workout A (Monday and Friday):

Wide grip pull-ups – 4 x max
Bench press on an incline bench – 2 x 12-15
Pullover – 4 x 12-15
Deadlift wide grip – 2 x 12-15
Breeding of dumbbells in the slope – 4 x 12-15
Training in (Wednesday):

Narrow grip pull ups + (superset) – 4 x max
Link rod to the belt in the slope – 4 x 12-15
Breeding dumbbells on the incline bench – 2 x 12-15
Thrust block to the chest sitting – 2 x 12-15
Bench barbell stand – 4 x 12-15
Comments to the exercises

When tightening the wide grip elbows should look at the floor. If you can not exercise it on the bar, follow it in a special simulator to the counterbalance, trying to feel the working muscles. Do not replace it on the traction unit!

In addition, we have deliberately minimized exercises chest muscles because as various presses, as well as information in the hands of the simulator, rather tightening the chest. Perform abdominal exercises at home, working through the internal abdominal muscles.


Before proceeding to experiment with diet, it is important to understand how well you eat. For one day, without changing eating habits and trying to have the most usual, write down all the consumed calories, proteins, fats and carbohydrates.

Ideally, you should be close to the daily norm of calories to consume 2 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight, and 20-25% of calories should come from fat. Recorded and analyzed one day, you’ll understand where the weaknesses of your food.

How to count calories

Day count ended supply – a key point of the first week. Only in this way you will be able to understand how much you eat. If you eat much more than normal, this is the reason a set of fat, if less – it will interfere with muscle growth.

To calculate the calories you need kitchen scale on which you weigh everything you eat. The most convenient way to weigh food before cooking, because no such thing as “calorie borscht” does not exist, and it all depends on the method of cooking.

Diet and exercise for fat loss

If your goal – getting rid of fat, then the first week you are advised to free weight training days (that on some days, but not before or after exercise) extra cardio for 30-45 minutes at a moderate pulse.

In addition, you need a more detailed analysis of their supply – the same day just Calculate your diet, the other day to cut calories by 15-20%, and again miscalculated. Remember that it is not necessary to begin to starve, it will give a negative effect!

The body of the summer

We declare marathon training to fly – twelve weeks, twelve steps to a sports figure and flat stomach. Join now and getting better!

Program to the beach


FitSeven starts marathon training to fly, to which there are only 12 weeks. Our goal – through diet and training to prepare for beach season, to get rid of excess fat, abdominal muscles to work and create a sports figure.

Having this marathon once, you learn a lot, change your metabolism and habits of training. The most important thing is that achieving a flat stomach and a bump, you will never admit that he again turned into “something loose.”

Week 1-4: The program for burning fat

The first month will be devoted to the preparation of getting rid of excess fat and active work on the abdominal muscles with an emphasis on the lower part of the press and the “belt of Adonis.” In addition, an important task will be to maintain existing muscle.

We will start to eat right, to use cyclical dieting and counting calories (while only one day per week). The aim will be to develop eating habits that should be automated for maximum success in the next stages.

Week 5-8: The program on weight

The second month will be devoted to muscle gain. We’ll use a basic program with variations, plus those who require additional work on the relief will be recommended as cardio running on natural surfaces.

With regard to diet, this will be a cyclic diet with increasing calories and protein, which is important for a set of muscles. Toward the middle of the second month we look at the days of carbohydrate loading, designed to activate the metabolism and growth processes run.

Week 9-12: Program to the beach

On the third month we will deal the classic “Pumping” – training with emphasis on the elaboration of the shoulder girdle muscles, chest muscles and arm muscles. We give up the training of the leg muscles, replacing them running. Goal – Sports V-shaped figure.

The diet of the third month, which would seem a nightmare for beginner to us will be easy: the alternation of low-carb days and days of load, constant control of the fats, proteins and carbohydrates. The goal – fat burning and muscle set.

The program at the press

Using the abdominal muscles will take a special place in our three-month training, because despite the fact that the flat belly – is primarily a low percentage of body fat, weak abdominal muscles, in any case, do not look too sporty.

We will rock press in the gym or at home using a special program for the abdominal muscles. In addition, we will work with the internal muscles of the abdomen and the right posture, which is also extremely important.

Tip of the Week

Every week we will publish a program of training, advice on nutrition and even a rough menu. In addition, we will talk in detail about important nuances related to the correct and effective training.

Each week, we will recommend that the most important at this moment. We show you how “not to break” during the May holidays, and to eat at the banquet table. Or, for example, we look at places to run in Moscow.

Follow us!

Participate in the marathon will be very simple: you can watch for updates on our website, facebook group and VKontakte, as well as subscribe to the weekly e-mail newsletter to be the first to find out important information.

In addition, we invite you to participate professionals ready to give expert advice to our readers to help them go through the 12 weeks of the most comfortable and correct. Your suggestions send to the address

Twelve weeks of training and proper nutrition – marathon training on the beach FitSeven. For three months we will be working on the creation of a relief stomach and sports figures, only to be proud of the results in the long-awaited vacation.

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Press diced 3 weeks

The program combines training this week to create a sports posture with diet CKD – ​​the most effective system to enhance food relief muscles.

Training for the relief press


In the third week of our training programs to create a perfect press, we will continue to work to strengthen the abdominal muscles and “Adonis belt.” One of the training exercises will be devoted to the hanging strap, the best posture for forming sports.

The power supply system of this week involves a smooth transition to the rules cyclical ketogenic diet (CKD) – the most effective way to work on the relief muscles. CKD Diet allows you to burn excess fat without losing muscle and slowing metabolism.

Muscle growth and fat burning

Training this week tied to the rules of the diet CKD: low caloric intake in the first three days is ideal for burning fat, allowing the active conduct training with additional weights until Monday. Wednesday’s workout is working on posture.

The second half of the week combines the increased caloric intake, and basic training to maintain normal metabolic rate. Easy training on Thursday starts protein synthesis, and powerful training on Saturday activates muscle growth.

Problems with posture

Bad posture – one of the main reasons why even muscled man does sports. Hunched shoulders and sunken chest significantly impair the visual perception of the muscles, giving the body some flabby.

This widely straightened her shoulders and exposed chest forward give the impression of a sports figure, even if the person does not have a superhero muscles. The presence of the relief makes a similar physique real object of envy of others.

Hanging straps – training with TRX

To the body involuntarily supports sporting posture needed work on stabilizing muscles minimally involved in conventional strength training. The best way to develop these muscles – hanging straps.

Since most of the stabilization muscles do not participate in the work, they are weak and do not require significant weights in the exercises. You will feel a big difference, even after a few workouts with hanging straps, performing movements with the body weight.

The training program

As we use the strength training program of the “Beginner’s Guide”: light training on Thursday taken from 11 weeks hard training Saturday – from 12 weeks of the program. The task – to develop all the muscles of the body in the shortest possible time (maximum 45 minutes).


Warm up 5 minutes at an average pace, rowing machine or exercise bike
Cyclic exercise 25 minutes Run 4 consecutive cycles following exercises, the minimum break between exercises, between cycles – 3 minutes:
push-ups – 20 reps
jumping rope (or bouncing) – 20 times
pull-ups (or pulldown exercise sitting) – 15 times
squats with body weight – 20 times
dips – 15 times
Abdominal exercises for 10 minutes Run 3 cycles of 15-20 repetitions of each exercise, break – 30 seconds:
lifting knees in a vise by turning
exercise “bike”
reverse twist on the bench
side twist
Cool Down 5 minutes Exercise “Plank” slow stretching muscles.

Free choice of exercise with outboard belts or body weight exercises (pull-ups, dips, push-ups, and so on) – 25 minutes. Then the program at the press of a workout Monday – 10 minutes and hitch – 5 minutes.


Warm up 5 minutes at an average pace, rowing machine or exercise bike
Strength training rhythm of 35 minutes of exercise – fast. Operating weight – average.
Squats – 3×12
Bench press – 3×15
Link rod to the belt – 3×15
Bench barbell standing – 3×15
Deadlift – 2×15
Abdominal exercises for 10 minutes Run 3 cycles of 15-20 repetitions of each exercise, break – 30 seconds:
lifting knees in a vise by turning
exercise “bike”
reverse twist on the bench
side twist
Cool Down 5 minutes Exercise “Plank” slow stretching muscles.

Warm up 5 minutes at an average pace, rowing machine or exercise bike
Strength training rhythm of 45 minutes exercise – slow. Operating weight – close to the maximum.
Pull-ups – 2 x 10-12
Squats – 3 x 5-7 (plus two warm-up sets)
Bench press – 3 x 5-7 (plus two warm-up sets)
Deadlift – 2 x 5-7 (plus two warm-up sets)
Raising the legs in the vise – 2 x 10-12
Cool Down 5 minutes Exercise “Plank” slow stretching muscles.
Diet and feeding system

The first week of a cyclic ketogenic diet CKD is an introduction. The goal – to try to imagine such a regime, without giving the values ​​of specific consumption figures of nutrients and calories. However, since the second week of a similar calculation will be important.

Monday to Wednesday: keto-phase.
Saturday: before lunch keto-phase, and then a complete meal.
Thursday, after exercise: a full dinner.
Thursday: food with a lot of carbohydrates.
Saturday: good nutrition.
Sunday: reducing power in the afternoon.

Press diced 2 weeks

The second week of training programs to create a perfect press. The most effective exercises for the oblique abdominal muscles, and answers to frequently asked questions.

The side of the press line


The main task of the second week of our marathon to create cubes press is beginning work on the lateral abdominal muscles to create a so-called “zone of Adonis” – a characteristic V-shaped bottom of the press line.

Also, we will talk about why “starvation diets”, first, to provoke the body’s own burning of the muscles, and, secondly, can damage the metabolism, causing the body to increase body fat, even at the minimum power.

Diet for a flat stomach


The main mistake of those who are trying to quickly burn off excess fat – a sharp reduction in food intake while increasing the duration cardio. As a result, by increasing the number of hormones, you can even start to gain fat mass.

The above strategy is unambiguous response of the organism, which begins to fight for the maintenance of life, trying to garner as much as possible. Remember that about 3-4 calories per day reduction in the metabolism begins to change.

How to create the perfect news?


When creating a cube press and the work of the rectus abdominis muscle hypertrophy important rule – a low number of repetitions of exercises with extra weight (eg, twists per block), then press the side need another strategy.

Hypertrophy (increase in volume) obliques increase waist size, which will affect the visual width decreases chest and shoulders. Proper training of the side abdominal muscles requires a high number of repetitions and exercises with body weight.

Questions From Readers

Is it possible to replace the running for another activity?
You can change the interval run on any other cardio (elliptical trainer, swimming, etc.), keeping an eye on your heart rate – you have to be in the area of ​​130-150 beats per minute in a light workout step and 150-165 in the peak stage.
How to cover the rate of protein in the diet offered?
The first week of our diet for a flat stomach haunted “discharge” goal. Starting this week to follow the recommended amount of protein consumed, maintaining it at no less than 120-150 grams. per day via protein mixtures.
Do I need to take fat burners?
If you have no contraindications, then welcome to the fat loss workouts, containing in its composition yohimbine, it can really help in burning fat. However, by themselves, without diet and exercise, these medications work to a minimum extent.
The training program – 2 weeks

The logic and structure of the second week of training is largely repeated, only abdominal exercises are replaced by more complex. If you can easily perform basic cyclic round 4 exercises in the allotted 25 minutes, increase the number of repeated cycles of up to 5.

Monday and Friday

Warm up 5 minutes at an average pace, rowing machine or exercise bike
Cyclic exercise 25 minutes Run 4 consecutive cycles following exercises, the minimum break between exercises, between cycles – 3 minutes:
push-ups – 20 reps
jumping rope (or bouncing) – 20 times
pull-ups (or pulldown exercise sitting) – 15 times
squats with body weight – 20 times
dips – 15 times
Abdominal exercises for 10 minutes Run 3 cycles of 15-20 repetitions of each exercise, break – 30 seconds:
lifting knees in a vise by turning
exercise “bike”
reverse twist on the bench
side twist
Cool Down 5 minutes Exercise “Plank” slow stretching muscles.

Press cubes: 1 Week

All about how to create a relief press cubes: 8-week training program and diet. The latest techniques and the best training exercises for abdominal muscles.

Press cubes

How to build a press cubes?

FitSeven begins a series of articles devoted to the fight against fat on the abdomen and the creation of a relief press cubes – Six-Pack (the English term appeared in the United States thanks to the traditional package of six cans of beer, something resembling cubes on the belly).

The structure of the 8-week program is designed so that starting with cyclic light and classical training exercises at the press, the trainee was able to go to the advanced training techniques and nutrition, as well as organize their knowledge in these areas.

Strategy for fighting fat

It is important to note that the hereinafter described program is designed exclusively for those who are already in a relatively good physical condition, and who need only raise the overall relief of muscle and further develop your abs.

If relevant to your problem is excess weight of 5 kilograms or more, we recommend pre-acquainted with a series of materials “Strategy to combat the fat”, which tells about how to lose weight quickly and efficiently.

The best abdominal exercises

Workout we start with classical and reverse twists – basic exercises for abdominal rectus muscle, directly forming cubes. Each exercise you need to perform the most slowly, with a full sense of the work the abdominal muscles.

In addition, the training program included the first week of the exercise, “Plank”, important to create a taut and toned abdomen. This exercise is a static – you need to stay in the desired position as long as possible.

Pros cyclic training

Perform light weight training at a rapid pace and with minimal rest empties glycogen reserves, thus causing the muscles of lactic acid production, which in turn significantly increases the secretion of fat-burning hormones.

Do not be surprised if during this workout you’ll feel a little nauseous and dizzy – it is a natural reaction to low blood sugar. Maintain the thought that such training is ideal for creating a relief muscles.

The training program

This week’s program includes two cyclic training on Monday and Friday and one cardio on Wednesday. The last meal is admissible for 60-90 minutes before each workout, after class, it is desirable not to eat anything for about an hour.

Monday and Friday

Warm up 5 minutes at an average pace, rowing machine or exercise bike
Cyclic exercise 25 minutes Run 4 consecutive cycles following exercises, the minimum break between exercises, between cycles – 3 minutes:
push-ups – 20 reps
jumping rope (or bouncing) – 20 times
pull-ups (or pulldown exercise sitting) – 15 times
squats with body weight – 20 times
dips – 15 times
Abdominal exercises for 10 minutes Run 3 cycles of 15-20 repetitions of each exercise, break – 30 seconds:
classic twist
reverse twist on the bench
exercise “bike”
pulling his knees to his chest on a bench
Cool Down 5 minutes Exercise “Plank” slow stretching muscles.